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  • nb2

    Lol this is so cringey and bad

    • A McMansion for two people lolutopian
    • The house matches their personalities and relationship vibe perfectlynb
    • Eight. Eight fucking books in the whole mansion.Miesfan
    • Lenard seems chillPhanLo
    • Leonard is the only interesting thing in this house. And that includes the ownersnb
    • I've been watching hockey for the past 40+ years and I've never seen anything like McDavid. He plays hockey like quicksilver, everyone else is in slo-mo_niko
    • @miesfan, I was already laughing at your comment and then I saw the books.garbage
    • do you think they really have "alot of people over"ArchitectofFate
    • ^Why not? they must throw venuesi_was
    • eight books. all unopened.pedromendez
    • McDavid is a beastBaskerviIle
    • @Miesfan and 5 paintings, 0 personal photos just pictures of famous ppl.sted
    • It's a nice house, idk how it feels but looks unfriendly and cold in the inside.sted
    • Imagine, this kid busts his ass on and off the ice since he was 3, hundreds of thousands of hours of blood and sweat to become the best player in tge nhl_niko
    • And then some bimbo who’s only thing she’s ever done was not eat, dye her hair blond, and shake her ass one night in a bar and now she gets all this._niko
    • A sterile reflection of a sterile mind. Hard 'T's on Yves Saint Laurent made me wretch. Fur coat and no knickers as my mother would say.Morning_star
    • cool house y’all just jellyernexbcn
    • McDavid is one of the greatest players of ALL TIME. And apparently boring and his girlfriend is boring too. House looks like the lounge in an airport hotelnb
    • i dont get why hes embarassed about taking bathscannonball1978

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