I hate teamwork

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  • mort_2

    Not sure what field you’re in but in UX / Product Design, I find collaboration invaluable. It has very little to do with the vision of an individual designer and everything to do with what best facilitates the user get their job done. Egos best left at the door.

    • This is likely why designers think UX is bullshit.monNom
    • *not saying you or your job are bullshit, just that UX has this stigma for some, and that approach is likely part of why.monNom
    • What are the issues with that approach do you think?mort_
    • I understand it’s very different from say album cover design, which is more art than design. But the two disciples aren’t competing with each other.mort_
    • * disciplinesmort_
    • Precisely. I think UX is probably closer to engineering in it's design approach. If you are designing album covers, that is completely foreign to your thinking.monNom
    • This is why I fear collab design tools. I don't need the team to track my mouse courser and see I'm not doing anything for a good 40mins...shapesalad
    • any workplace what uses employee activity tracking shall be burned down.sted
    • Yeah I totally see how something artful (I won't say creative because both fields are creative in different ways) would benefit from a single person's vision.mort_

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