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  • grafician-1

    This you?

    • Yeah. You were struggling to understand. A bunch of others called you out. What’s the issue?monospaced
    • That was not me, that's you replying to another use on your fucking page you idiot

      next time you call me out, check yourself :)
    • Huh? Check what?monospaced
    • This was a comment about how a bunch of qbn users had called you out. Not just me. That’s it. Lol.monospaced
    • It's you calling someone a piece of shit

      it's one post on YOUR page you idiot

    • Guess when you call someone a piece of shit it's fine but when others do is not?

      I will add more posts like this to your page until you leave this place :)
    • Aaaah on second thought you know what, nah...I won't bother, you're a nobody anywaygrafician
    • deathboy is/was a piece of shit, though. What's the issue exactly?monospaced
    • I figure you're deathboy at this point, you basically act like him.monospaced
    • I don't have multiple accounts like you morons around heregrafician
    • I guess you're sted by the way you two are intertwined in your common hate towards me?grafician

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