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  • deathboy-1

    Am I the only one who already knew db was the lowest form of human? Welcome.

    Context being just being an asshole when asking questions of another human being. Mono's just a kissing disease that is not fond of tough questions. Prefers enemas of predigested answers.

    • This is fun!deathboy
    • Context is that everyone was commenting on what a piece of shit you are. Several people.monospaced
    • so context is you and "several" others are ppl who dont like tough question and really want to live in your bubblesdeathboy
    • Ah u are alone now. Maybe help u get social media a bitdeathboy
    • lol wut?monospaced
    • there no plus ones here or voting or anyone else. no tag teams or false bravado. the fact is you and "several" ppl dont matter. its just you pal. an army of onedeathboy
    • loser in this medium you chose to discourse. curious where those "several" like minds are now? and how shallow it all isdeathboy
    • You’re wrongmonospaced
    • I'm absolutely correct and it's proven with a sciencedeathboy
    • The record stands. Everyone here on this site agrees and i was only pointing it out. It’s there permanently for anyone to see.monospaced
    • so there IS ONLY SEVERAL people on this site! called it! way to prove that correct with your science monodeathboy
    • makes me wonder how many other personas you have after being caught already using a couple...deathboy
    • First off, I don't have multiple personas. I have a second account that everyone knows is mine, and I only use it if this one is deactivated.monospaced
    • Second, you didn't "catch" me using it. Third, the several users commenting about what a fuckass you are is nothing more than that. Just that people agree w/ memonospaced
    • Hey Kamala yes fact I caught u using it. Yes again clarify "several"deathboy
    • Several was a reference to the people who were calling you an awful human. A subset of qbn users. A few of them. Right before I wrote this.monospaced
    • You saw me use doublespaced. It’s no secret that is me. I wasn’t even hiding. I use it when monospaced isn’t accessible. You’re a moron.monospaced
    • So context wasn’t me being an asshole. Context was you being an asshole and SEVERAL qbn users realizing you’re a lowlife piece of shit. FINALLY.monospaced
    • I didn't know it was u. Did u identify while banging on my profile?. No. We're u being asshole. Alwaysdeathboy
    • And scroll back. I've laughing at your several morphing to everyone back to several. Fake news shitdeathboy
    • Seriously do I insult u for no reason. I typically pick apart objectively an arguement and explain what doesn't work like a scientistdeathboy
    • And u just insult-growl like a rabid dog anyone who doesn't agree with u. Look at ukit. He can disagree can counter arguement. Maybe u should look at him as adeathboy
    • Because if not u do know my kid your looking after is gonna end up following in his pops steps rightdeathboy
    • Funny thing is that now you're banned, I get the final word. And that is that you're a drooling moronic troll and will be for life.monospaced

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