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  • Nairn2

    This count must and only include the contemporaneous, not forswhich or forswoon some other from prior or post or happenstance or as may be, just that which can be linked herein through virtue of amusement or mockery.

    • 'tis an unsubtle glans-cast lens flit awar the pigeon-like hordes of feckless vapidity that we find ourselves subtly orbiting and resolving.Nairn
    • Avast ye, shit stain!Nairn
    • I may be at least 28% drunk.Nairn
    • drunk posting is the best posting, we all love your posts :)fadein11
    • well I spoke for people who may actually despise you, but it stays because I'm half pissed.fadein11
    • lol, i'm too vanilla to be despised, I suspect.

    • I imagine I irritate the shit out of some people though, so that give me a small morsel of comfort.Nairn
    • lol, you have grown on me.fadein11
    • Hey Nairn!garbage

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