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  • Ramanisky20

    • "Utah Jewish federation condemns use of syringe swastika at anti-vaccine protest at Governor's Mansion"sted
    • Hayomook Squid Game Day.utopian
    • clever and truepr2
    • oh no not a vaccine! oh my! so scary!inteliboy
    • One thing murdered millions of people and the other saved millions of people. Yup exactly the same - clever AND true._niko
    • "Are we the baddies?"DRIFTMONKEY
    • one for "bettering the society" killed freedoms, the other, for the same purpose, is doing the same.very clever AND true.pr2
    • yup, if only you can tell your ancestors that the nazis killing the masses is just like doctors vaccinating the masses,_niko
    • first they'd spit out their potato vodka and then smack you upside the head with a babka so fast your peanut head would spin lol_niko
    • MURRRRKA.. FUCK YEAH!autoflavour
    • Vaccination camps.palimpsest
    • "It makes you think"Brabo_Brabo
    • "clever but true" yes, very clever to set up the syringe swastika backwards. These people are too stupid to make ignorant Nazi parallels.garbage
    • @garbage
      There's always going to a backwards side on a translucent object. The guy under the umbrella is on "the right side".
      Keep the clever discussion going.
    • https://upload.wikim…palimpsest
    • "It's a hindu symbol"Brabo_Brabo
    • "in a world of increasing polarization...."palimpsest
    • not a better way to make the nazi death terror regime look sweet .... flippin lunatics anti vaxxer.neverscared
    • The Few. The Proud. The Unvaccinated.utopian
    • https://i.imgur.com/…palimpsest
    • Obviously there's a reverse side. But it's mounted in the same orientation as the stupid Gadsden flag, and the moron is posing in front of it.garbage
    • It's perpendicular to the Gadsden flag. The moron is behind the flag.
      [American Chopper Argument Meme]
      But tell me more.
    • snowflakeszarkonite

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