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  • Miesfan15

    • good adBennn
    • Feels like students work but goodAQUTE
    • Spec work?grafician
    • I've grown to hate this kind of thing...students or admen trying to be witty for their own benefit. Does nothing for the brand.BaskerviIle
    • Might win an industry award but what is it saying? Bic makes both disposable pens and razors...great. Disposable anything these days should be reconsidered.BaskerviIle
    • That's the point. They don't need to say anything else. This just says they make pens and razors. In a new way, which is award worthy :)monospaced
    • If they tried to "say" anything else, people would just talk shit about how they have no place beyond making pens and razors.monospaced
    • Like to see this treatment applied to the surfboards they make. ha!stoplying

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