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  • NBQ000

    Wait, what? PRiVCY( PRIV) coin is up about 40 million % (yes you read that right.

    Yesterday 0.009'ish, today 3,643'ish

    WTF??? What gives?

    • is this a joke? if you've bought $100 you'd have 39million?Beeswax
    • happy birthday coin not doing too bad either.shapesalad
    • Seems too good to be true?NBQ00
    • Pump & dump?GuyFawkes
    • dumb & dumbneverscared
    • I have 1 coin, I sell myself that coin at a higher price, then I do it again, passing the money back and forth from left hand to right and back again...monNom
    • Then some sucker comes along and sees that there is a ton of trading in my coin, and the price is skyrocketing. They buy some from me and I cash out.monNom
    • This is classic behaviour in penny stocks, and crypto's anonymity makes it just that much easiermonNom
    • Cryptobro: yo exchange, let's pump X coin today please!
      Exchange: *starts the bots*
      X coin: too theee moooon baby!
      Cryptobro: better sell fast, lambo incoming
    • yes go to the moon... playing with sand like a toodler.neverscared

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