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    If you were a rich dude building your own house, you'd put a urinal in your en-suite bathroom right?

    It seems obvious to me but you never see/hear it.
    Am I nuts? Up or Down vote me.

    • No, I'm not a pleb.Nairn
    • Almost every bathroom I've ever been in has a urinal. It's a called a "sink" look it upnb
    • ^ Debatable, Ya welly knitter.Hayzilla
    • why would you waste time standing when you can sit?uan
    • I'd just go with diapersspl33nidoru
    • urinal? the pile of clothes in the corner has worked for yearsfuturefood
    • Piss in a bucket, then mark your property lines with your tinklestoplying
    • I'd have multiple machicolations around my penthouse, through which I could piss out of, onto the plebs below.Nairn
    • piss bottlerenderedred
    • I think people avoid this because it makes it harder to sell later.monospaced
    • Just piss in a 500ml drinks bottle and leave it on the kerb like Uber Drivers.shapesalad
    • Just piss everywhere you like and buy a new house.pango
    • If I was rich enough I would pay someone to sit in the bathroom and piss in their mouth. Actually, I would get them to pay me.face_melter
    • urinal in the kitchenmort_
    • Piss trebuchets on the parapets, aimed at the garden of the old folks home over yonder.Nairn
    • lol facefadein11

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