Fuck Canada (?)

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  • scarabin6

    “Fucking canada“ might also be accomplished by fucking every citizen. With 37.59 million* Canadians and an average session of 5 minutes** it would take 357.59 years for one man to accomplish, assuming he has my stamina.

    I feel like the best way to approach this would be to have 13 Canada-fucking groups, with each one assigned a specific province or territory. These would in turn be broken up into administrative teams keeping track of who’s been fucked and who’s up next, and thousands of individual fucking squads consisting of four or more individuals that take turns in the role of fucking, record-keeping, physical assistance (in case force is necessary), and providing snacks.

    With a little organization and some commitment i think we could have Canada effectively fucked by 2023.

    * https://datacommons.org/place/co…

    ** https://www.jsm.jsexmed.org/arti…

    • By 2023, so it is totally feasible.i_was
    • Does your plan involve contingencies for minors? That'd be a legally hazardous group to fuck.zarkonite
    • @zarkonite: this is where Vatican might actually help, I think they have tons of experienced staffrzu-rzu
    • +1 from me for your commitment to the cause!renderedred
    • Thank you for enhancing my fever dream.garbage

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