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  • utopian0

    Does anyone know how to remove the "Noto" Apple font? It's fucking annoying as all hell. And the "Genius Bar" @ Apple have no clue on where to even begin.

    • I don’t have thisnb
    • https://support.appl…grafician
    • And yes, it's a commercial font, not part of the OSgrafician
    • You probably installed some Google app as it's from google:…grafician
    • I’m not at my machine, but why can’t you just throw them out?monospaced
    • I just found out that "Noto" is a pre-installed Apple system font family....they can NOT be removed, disabled or uninstalled. A big Fuck you to Apple.utopian
    • just in from apple:
      "that's a big Noto uninstalling our fonts"
    • Utopian = Innovation in Comments
    • Right click - show in Finder, then use `rm` from the terminal to make it gone. if it's a system font it could cause issues though. and it might auto re-installakiersky
    • lol just uninstall some of your other shite fontssted
    • dystopian wants to uninstall system fontssted
    • Say No To No To FontsNBQ00
    • i gave you the link on how to remove fonts - it's preinstalled apparently since Catalina, but you can remove it, it's not a "system font" smhgrafician
    • https://developer.ap…grafician
    • as in "will not crash your system if you remove itgrafician
    • *disclaimer* but then again this is not "software advice" and I'm not an Apple Genius sografician
    • rm -rf *drgs
    • Have you always been using Macs?drgs

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