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    “It’s like a bad flu” —pr2

    One in three Covid-19 survivors has suffered a neurological or psychiatric disorder within six months of infection with the virus, an observational study of more than 230,000 patient health records has estimated.…

    • is there a reason why you link to grossly watered down news piece instead of the actual study?pr2
    • in the paper it says "13% receiving their first such diagnosis." can you get your head out of news headlines ass and start talking reality?pr2
    • 17% were or anxiety disorder.pr2
    • ofpr2
    • “ Among 236 379 patients diagnosed with COVID-19, the estimated incidence of a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis in the following 6 months was 33·62%”robotinc
    • From the study itself. I’m not sure why you’re against a summary of a study, it doesn’t make the results different.robotinc
    • Lastly, rather than attack me, why not address my point, that surviving covid isn’t just “getting the flu” as you’ve repeatedly statedrobotinc
    • I’m also happy to talk about the negative aspect of the lockdown, which I think we would have some agreements.robotinc
    • But that doesn’t mean that we should just ignore a highly contagious virus, which as far as I can tell seems to be your pointrobotinc
    • 1. by cutting off the sentence mid-point you become a propagandist rather that seeker of "truth." There is a HUGE difference between 34% and 13%.pr2
    • 2. If you dig deeper you discover that 17% of those are "anxiety disorder" - this could have been due to prolonged fear headlines like yours introduce.pr2
    • 3. Flu too has serious complications in some patients: "Other possible serious complications triggered by flu can include inflammation of the heart...pr2
    • brain (encephalitis) or muscle (myositis, rhabdomyolysis) tissues, and multi-organ failure (for example, respiratory and kidney failure)."pr2
    • Every time "I" used "bad flu" statement was in quotation marks to indicate that it is NOT just a bad flu, but that flu stats can be used as relative comparison.pr2
    • For instance, flu kills 6% of those who get hospitalized with it. Covid kills 17%. Should you be afraid of covid if you are NOT (i presume) afraid of flu?pr2
    • What percentage of people develop neurological or psychiatric disorders from the flu?nb
    • (asking for 31 million Americans)nb
    • re point 1 and 2. if you remove anxiety and mood disorder (which can be attributed to prevailing covid fear mongering), then you end up with just 3%.pr2
    • so if you want to have an honest conversation lets talk about the 3% of people who will develop some sort of neurological problems.pr2
    • NOT 34% - which is a headline clickbait.pr2
    • Where in the study did it attribute anxiety and mood disorder to covid fear mongering?nb
    • this is an "observational" study so they are not attributing anything to anything - this would be anti-science.pr2
    • "overall a 44% greater risk of neurological and mental health diagnoses after Covid than after flu"
      Flu causes neurological disorders?
    • the author of the article banks that people are too stupid to see through a big number. 44% increase of tiny is STILL tiny.pr2
    • Does it mean that 1 in 4 suffer from neurological disorders from flu?
      (approx 0.33/0.25 ?)
    • i didn't look into neurological consequences of flu too deeply, though finding out that 6% of hospitalizations end in death was shocking to me.pr2
    • Yes. It’s like 5x less deadly than covid. Also you’re a fucking cunt if your reason for not taking this seriously is because of anxiety. Fucking asshole.monospaced
    • You continue to disrespect the deaths with your total horse cock conclusions based entirely on your dumbshit misunderstanding and skewing of reports. Idiot.monospaced
    • There’s a reason everyone here is calling your knuckle dragging moronic ass out post after post. And it isn’t because you’re right. It’s because you’re a clown.monospaced
    • mono, there is a reason why everyone here calls you moronic, cretin, imbecile, dummy dimwit and it isn't because you have anything to say.pr2
    • you can't even divide 17 by 6. fuck, let me try it on my 5 year old and lets see how much smarter he is than you.pr2
    • you thick-minded troll.pr2
    • Popcorn gifTOMMYxGUNN
    • hmm no, we like mono. dont really see people calling him those things.inteliboy
    • Mono doesn't come across well in these side notes.TOMMYxGUNN

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