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    Been trying to understand this trans movement a bit more recently, which was much weirder than i expected. Are people really suggesting if they want to identify as an 8 year old child, even though they're a 45 year old man, they can? How far does this ridiculousness go? It sounds too stupid, but are we going through a global identity crisis?

    The kid in the Years and Years TV show was identifying as a trans human which seemed kind of satire enough to be ridiculous, but still daft enough to be a possibility.

    • Some people live on the edge of gender. Not sure anyone not going through that can actually relate.StoicLevels
    • "want to identify as" is a funny way to look at it and there have always been diaper men and cat people and the like. most trans movements are against discriminkingsteven
    • ation and for support - on the fringes it's activism against folks that are actively and openly discriminating against them. and in reality its oftenkingsteven
    • high functioning folks that identify as male/ female and want to get on with their shitkingsteven
    • I just saw The Skin I Live In a few nights ago and I was wondering about this same topic because I kind of realized its a world I know little about, really.StoicLevels
    • I hope you aren’t painting all transsexuals as ridiculous. The fact is that gender isn’t simply binary, it’s a scale, and all science backs this up.monospaced
    • What you perceive as a “movement” is just a more public awareness of what has always existed. There is no such thing as “too far”monospaced
    • If you continue to act like this is a choice then you are contributing to the global misunderstanding and ignorance on the subject.monospaced
    • And that world is at the forefront of contemporary ethicsStoicLevels
    • mono, it's definitely a choice for some, they get swept up with online identity nonsense and fads and end up regretting it. Some is mental illness. It's an_niko
    • ...extreme form of body modification for others._niko
    • I'm sure it's a minority but it is there._niko
    • Yes its body modification and gender is only the beginning as we move into cyborg entities. Thats where these ethics are leading up toStoicLevels
    • The body is a vessel for the mindStoicLevels
    • Some people kill themselves, should euthanasia be legal? Some say yes because of the ethicsStoicLevels
    • That's a decision a person cant relent on either. A person has to live with their decision like a bad tattooStoicLevels
    • Or bad haircutStoicLevels
    • Mono, I'm more interested/confused by people self identifying with whatever they want. If we want to give protection to someone who wants to identify as a...Ianbolton
    • slice of toast, then I'm afraid I can't take that seriously. Sex isn't binary, but we could argue gender is. Or do I have them the wrong way round?Ianbolton
    • Anyway, i wasn't really speaking about transexualism. More the wider arguement of self identifying with whatever you want to.Ianbolton
    • Gender is an affect of genetical mix, across a spectrum. Age is an affect of time as a constant.shapesalad
    • Does it even matter how people identify? The literal most it would affect a person is they may have to start asking instead of assuming. Is that really so hard?scarabin
    • The age thing seems much more rare, trauma-based, and is usually brought up by folks who don’t understand what its like being born the wrong genderscarabin
    • @scara 100% agreed. The bigger issue is somebody getting so bent out of shape over somebody else wanting to be themselves.garbage
    • until it isn't about my ass i don't care.
      no matter how much details i hear about this topic/debate from both sides i'm still not interested.
    • well if this isn’t only about transsexuals, then maybe we shouldn’t use the word trans when talking about just identifyingmonospaced
    • I don’t know a ton about all this, but I do know some transsexuals in various stages, from just identity to complete change. All just people.monospaced
    • usually not that hard as scarabin said, unless you have to deal with this dude:…
    • I need your corporate number!StoicLevels
    • what scara said. in real life, let people be. aint a deal. on the internet however, avoid twitter, it makes all sides and views sound like hate filled extremisminteliboy
    • just popping in here at the end while drunk like i dokingsteven
    • I support anyone's right to be who they want to be. My question is: to what extent do I have to participate in your self-image?TOMMYxGUNN
    • I wonder if the modern "gender identity" movement is actually an early form of transhumanism.yuekit
    • On one hand transsexuality has always existed, although it's treated differently in different cultures. But what you're seeing now with so many people usingyuekit
    • pronouns and implying that your identity is separate from your current physical form seems to be a separate phenomenon from that?yuekit
    • Gender is not binary ? lol, stop the bullshitting pleasei_was
    • Sex is binary and bimodal, there is no third sex or varying degrees of fe/male. Gender is sociological and entirely rooted in sex-based stereotypes.i_monk
    • actually 2% of people qualify as intersex and the vast majority of them dont know unless their genitals looked odd at birth. i would say that's a separate thingkingsteven
    • entirely, gender is of course entirely a social construct.kingsteven
    • What is a woman?TOMMYxGUNN
    • If a woman is yang does she cease to be feminine? Probably notStoicLevels
    • If a man is ying does he cease to be masculine? DoubtfulStoicLevels
    • @TOMMYxGUNN mother of us allsted
    • "having to participate in your self image"? it's just called being polite and it's been around for milleniascarabin
    • the discomfort of being born the wrong gender FAR outweighs the discomfort of you having to call someone "sir" or "madame" when you normally might notscarabin
    • 100% of intersex people are either male or female. Sex is more than genitalia.i_monk
    • The word trans is the term that's making me explore all this Mono. I struggled to feel at ease with myself growing up, but jesus, it's so much harder now.Ianbolton
    • I want people to feel at ease exploring all this, but a 15 year old screaming out for a sex change isn't always going to solve their problems.Ianbolton
    • So, I posted this just to see whether anyone actually gives a fuck?! It seems like a big issue with 4000% more girls asking to change gender than 10 years agoIanbolton
    • Being born the 'wrong gender' is the same as being born the wrong religion, language, tax bracket, etc.i_monk

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