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    One year being cautious, on lockdown, on a bubble, practising social distance... And now, I'm going to be tested to be 2 days, taking care of my father after surgery, in a hospital with a floor full of covid patients!!


    • The stress alone...I'm sorry dude. Best wishes to you and your pop.utopian
    • Speedy recovery for your dad and covid dodging for you !spl33nidoru
    • Being asthmatic gives an extra addition to the expression "Fantastic". Merde!OBBTKN
    • Take careSimonFFM
    • Best wishes dude! Hope it all goes wellKrassy
    • Was it a major surgery? How soon will you guys be able to leave?garbage
    • @garbage, knee prosthesis, and for 3 days... It's supossed he's going back to home by friday next week. He's going to do a fast recovery, strong as a rock!OBBTKN
    • Hope we can ride again together by end of the yearOBBTKN

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