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  • Fax_Benson10

    People who insist on video-calling everything now.

    Client emailing all morning insisting we have a 3-way teams call so that she can screen-share a jpeg she could have attached just to the first email.

    • for years i'm asking this questine. why on earth do we need to meet or talk live, even on the phone? send me a fucking mail and that's it :)renderedred
    • Exactly. And I'm not in an office. I'm in my home. On a Monday morning. I don't want you in it. Why are you insisting on invading my space?Fax_Benson
    • What can you add, verbally, visually, to my looking at a jpeg? And why have you invited a 3rd person to watch me look at it?Fax_Benson
    • Why can't everyone just fuck off?Fax_Benson
    • i think a lot of people need in person verification and confirmation for some reason, it's like a psychological thing mayberenderedred
    • it's often quicker to call and talk and read sentiment with clients vs email.shapesalad
    • ha, this has replaced the old classic, sending a long email and then calling you 5 minutes after if you have read it.fadein11
    • I got asked on Friday if I could make some amends to a website live on Zoom (Teams or whatever) rather than the client emailing them across, lol.fadein11
    • I ignored the email, waiting for the inevitable follow up today.fadein11
    • re: "It's often quicker blah blah..." - for the person making contact, perhaps. For the recipient, more than likely not. = Arrogant assumption in relationship.Nairn
    • Clients, as we know, have very limited knowledge and vocabulary when discussing design matters. Usually it helps to have a talk instead of endless emails.jagara
    • Tell them you're not free, book out your calendar and have unavailable times for calls. that'll sort the cunts.pedromendez
    • I'll take a 5 minute zoom call over 12 emails any day.TOMMYxGUNN
    • There're definite time and places calls over multiple emails, but I find I'm generally best positioned to work out when that is.Nairn
    • I suppose the inverse are the slightly On The Spectrum types who simply refuse to speak when a 2 minute call would clarify everything quickly.Nairn
    • My clients send me whatsapp messages nowadays. This is weird, too.SimonFFM
    • Oh God, don't get me started on clients using WhatsApp - I only have the fucking thing installed to talk with my partner and a best pal.Nairn
    • im with TOMMYxGUNN. Ive had emails dredge on getting nowhere for a week with questions or misunderstandings. 5 minute zoom call and it was done.mantrakid

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