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  • SimonFFM2

    Did you know houses in Sweden have a built-in vacuum cleaning system? They don't use vacuum clears like in other countries. You have a socket in each room and only attach the tube to it.…

    • Pretty standard here, tooGnash
    • That's nothing, I have programmed a swarm of drones to 'fan' up dust particles and collect them in an old sock.shapesalad
    • These are pretty common in the US and Canada as well.zarkonite
    • we had a house that sucks when I was a teenager in Australia toosausages
    • ive only seen one house in the US that has this. A custom made house of a friends parents in the 80's.fooler
    • My house has one, I rerouted one line to a kickplate under a kitchen cabinet, sweep and go…whatthefunk
    • Amazing, guys. For me this was all new.SimonFFM
    • Doesn't suction go down the longer a tube is?Nairn
    • ^ ya, but most of that loss is through friction. The internal tubes are smooth bore, vs the corrugated hoses on the biz endGnash
    • Dyson hates them.ideaist
    • houses in the 50's were built with these systems in the US.sarahfailin
    • Ever home that I ever been it that has one of these...they all blow ass and barely work, regardless of how many sockets they have around the house.utopian

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