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  • imbecile5

    • Isn't that 9999 symbols?Nairn
    • Using just one symbol would result in, for example:

    • LOL nairn look at the last line in the image. all are combined into one sign.renderedred
    • I think he means a single glyph, as in you don't need to have multiple characters to define any one number.zarkonite
    • I was being tongue in cheek, but sorta serious too. Squish together numerals and you can make all numbers from 'one' symbol, made up of 10 elements..Nairn
    • ..and it'd be more-instantly readable than <this too.

      It's still cool though!
    • your presumption may stem from what you were taught. using your suggestion how to write 83/38, 56/65, 14/41, 11, 22, 33, etc?imbecile
    • Nairn, how would make 9000 with our numerals? their system creates shapes that are unique to each number, it's a lot of work fitting all that together.zarkonite
    • In the 13th century with the tools they had, I bet this is a person's lifetime achievement LOL.zarkonite
    • Visually, it's neat, but beyond cyphering, I'm not sure what problem it solves. And its creators first learned Arabic numerals, so it's arcanity anywayNairn
    • of course it's useless @nairn but fun to see someone thinking out of the box in the 13th century.renderedred
    • 8118 looks familiarrzu-rzu

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