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  • mort_4

    • Started watching this last night. It's pretty good. The woman who had the canoe accident seems very credible.Morning_star
    • Also...username checks out :)Morning_star
    • Hehmort_
    • My wife was talking about this, is it very religious-y?elahon
    • have you ever tried DMT?
      -joe rogan probably
    • @elehon - not really, it's quite matter of fact, not too many loons. Fascinating.Morning_star
    • The idea that consciousness isn't created by the brain and is more fundamental is something I first took seriously reading Sam Harris's book "Waking Up".mort_
    • This show is interesting from that perspective.mort_
    • human mind is a weird place where a lot of shit can stuck.sted
    • meaning how memories are fixed and recalled is fundamentally determines the relationship of the individual to reality.sted
    • First episode was good. They lost me when they start talking to the "Mediums".aslip
    • yeah i gave up at that part2sted
    • For some reason, the cover on this video showed me the Blender Ghibli Trees tutorial. I thought I stumbled on some old-time qbn comedy gold in these comments.monNom
    • sadly, none of you are funny after all. =DmonNom
    • Likewise, enjoyed the first episode. The mediums episodes just annoyed me.mort_
    • ^ yup mediums episode ....
      annnnnd I’m out.

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