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    I'm a huge proponent of CBD and have been using tinctures and vape pens for the past year. I like vaping better than drops under my tongue.

    I'm really fond of the vape pens from Social CBD - they have a Focus version and a Relax version, and I swear to Zod that they both do exactly what they say. 5-6 second puff of the Focus to start my work day, and all my OCD, procrastination, lazy approach to most stuff I do just fades away.

    It's funny to post this now; I just took a break from working on a deck for a presentation, and just realized how locked into it I was and have been for the last hour. I have trouble focusing sometimes, but once I get locked in, I don't slow down and I love that feeling.

    CBD is a fantastic thing. I've even made my own tinctures at home using a high CBD / no THC strain of flower and put that in my coffee in the morning.

    • Zod bless younb
    • Weed is how I monotask.
      When partner was pregnant, I took a while off and remembered exactly why it was I started in the first place.
    • I suspect I'd be labelled as ADHD or whatever other bullshit psyche appraisal there is, at some level, without it.Nairn
    • Nairn, I've developed some form of that as I've gotten older. Not diagnosed or anything - just my core traits are procrastination and laziness...mg33
    • and if I legit have OCD and elements of ADHD, I've never been tested, but looking at ADHD symptoms, yeah, I've got some of those.mg33
    • ADHD is a real thing. I have it, and it's a bitch.jagara
    • eh, I'm not denying its symptoms - as i say, I have something like it. I'm just not hot on…
    • It's a real disorder. Decades of research and real science behind it, and if you're going to link a book, at least link the DSM-5.garbage
    • It's not just a "well sometimes I procrastinate" thing. It's a "my head is a TV set and somebody is sitting on the remote" thing, and the off button is broken.garbage
    • I'm unsure what part of my agreement here that is so hard to comprehend.Nairn
    • Well we don't agree that it's a "bullshit psyche appraisal".garbage
    • The name is. Like it's some singular Platonic construct that somehow neatly describes and therefore controls and constrains The Problem.Nairn
    • ...calling it ADHD controls and constrains "The Problem"? What the hell are you talking about?garbage
    • fuckit.Nairn

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