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  • zarkonite2

    Oh shit I just saw your Q Scarabin. She's leafy! Been growing a lot of new branches:

    I ended up adding this to her diet:

    Obviously my lighting setup isn't optimal so the top is stealing all the light but I'll do a better job of trimming the plant next time.

    • I don't think I could ever again live in a state where's illegal.canoe
    • Nice! I got a new plant and i’m thinking about keeping her in veg for a few years just to see how big she getsscarabin
    • Grab something with a bit lower Nitrogen. GH maxibloom is cheap and pretty much the right ratios.sausages
    • make a bonsai momdasohr
    • so inspired by this, i just had to soak two seeds for a new grow.dasohr
    • That’s a cool light! I was looking into similar ones. Which one did you get.Smurf
    • @scarabin: we had a wild pot plant just show up in our garden couple years back and we let it grow naturally, it got to over 10 feet tall in one summer.zarkonite
    • this is the light:…zarkonite
    • Psst. Nice lights here if in US or Canada. https://horticulture… also…. Better spectrum and efficiency than the link above.sausages
    • 10 feet tall, holy balls!scarabin

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