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  • pablo284

    • It's awesome, like those bits in Top Secret with the oversized 'phone and Peter Cushing's massive eye.face_melter
    • that looks really interesting... just seen you can get it on Switch.. may have to get itdee-dubs
    • excellent, it's been on epic game store for a year now but been waiting for it to come on steamkingsteven
    • How to play on Mac?nb
    • Never mind I googled itnb
    • As a mac user, is it better to use Steam or Epic. I don't game reallynb
    • steam is more reliable/ better for multiplayer and epic gets a bad rep because they use exclusive 1 year contracts...kingsteven
    • but epic gives away free games every month... best to go for steam when the game is on both platforms but i think most folks will have both installed.kingsteven
    • and both kick the ass of the blizzard/ activation store :|kingsteven
    • i hate shit like this in games, loljaylarson
    • I feel like this was done several times in other games.cannonball1978

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