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    • Secret plans helped Brooklyn synagogue pull off massive, maskles…
    • This is such bullshit. A fucking loser weddingnb
    • Women don’t go to these weddings?Gnash
    • "Women sat in the balcony behind a barricade."whatthefunk
    • Ignorance is blissPhanLo
    • ignorant fuckwitsutopian
    • funny hatpango
    • god's chosen ones, they just want to be chosen faster I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯_niko
    • they have babies like rabbits.inteliboy
    • o_Opango
    • wow, guys, it's starting to get a bit racist here.pango
    • oh nvm. its just the usual people.pango
    • Imagine making such comments in the Muslims thread. You guys are hypocrites. That said yes they’re fucktwits.NBQ00
    • i'd make the same comments i make here in Muslim thread. *thumbs up.pango
    • Great way to get respect from your fellow city inhabitants.calculator
    • All these weddings are ridiculous, super spreader events. Long Island has been no better unfortunately.instrmntl
    • Fuck that pango, These guys are the very definition of intolerant. Fuck them._niko
    • Toxic us-vs-them mentality.mort_
    • Love the hats, thonb
    • This whole "jews spread disease" thing feels awfully familiar...monNom
    • I don’t even get upset about the maskless anymore. They had their warnings. It’s just natural selection from here on outscarabin
    • Monnom more like idiots spread the disease, these ones just happen to be Jewish._niko
    • And even then, an extreme version of Judaism_niko
    • Judaism is not a race.cannonball1978

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