Is Flash dead?

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    I think it's a little unfair to lump all of the blame for Flash's demise on Apple and Steve Jobs.

    Without a doubt, he had a lot to do with it, but there was also the fact that technologies — notably HTML, CSS and jQuery — were evolving concurrently, to the degree that they were taking away some of Flash's lustre.

    The thing with Flash, though, is that it was already under heavy assault — long before Jobs jumped on that bandwagon — from this cunt:

    Jakob Fucking Nielsen despised Flash. In fact, he despised anything on the web that didn't add up to his idea of how it should look and work. Hated originality, hated great design, hated the experimentation that made the period from 1999 to 2003 so awesome online.

    And guess what? He fucking won. If the web now looks like one giant same-y WP template, we really have him to thank for it. Steve Jobs came in years later with his iPhone rationale, but really, Flash was already fighting a losing battle against Nielsen.

    • If you read what I wrote I am not dunking on Apple or 'Steve'. It was a reality that Apple dealt...that was very Steve Jobs. I said 'genius'dkoblesky
    • The worship of Steve Jobs clouds people's mindsdkoblesky
    • No one 'won' or 'lost'. Technology changed. People had to adjustdkoblesky
    • No, no, I'm not saying you're dumping it all on SJ. It's a very popular narrative online, though, that it was Jobs that did for Flash.Continuity
    • When, really, it was much more that arsehole Nielsen.Continuity
    • Uh this guy also has been hating on PDF for well over a decade and that’s doing just finenb
    • He's anti-PDF, too? Christ.Continuity
    • Hmm, while Nielsen made a splash, outside of prof web, no one would ever know who he was. The iphone, on the other hand, dictated people's lives in tech.formed
    • Except that web usability is baked into web design....and he and others made that happen.dkoblesky
    • Nielsen? He was the antithesis of good design. Did you see his website back then? It was all a horrible joke that insulted good design.formed
    • This guy wanted to sell a book and that's what he accomplished. He was a ton of hype. Jobs killed Flash. Flash was evolving just as much as trends in CSS and JSCyBrainX
    • ...and it was infinitely easier to use for a lot of things.CyBrainX
    • No one can defeat that foreheadpango
    • Jobs didn’t kill flash. Adobe did.monospaced
    • ^ yep, when they hired neilsen. i think this episode was all before iPhones existedkingsteven
    • I always thought he was a joke. "Weblinks must always be the same color". Usability taken to the extreme where everything is the same.Nutter
    • ^ He always came across as a frothing at the mouth culty.Continuity

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