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  • sted6

    Etching a Simple Pattern on Solar Panels Boosts Light Absorption by 125%, Study Shows…

    • neat.utopian
    • Good news, solar and other renewable sources surpassed old energy sources recently in value.grafician
    • Also ppl looking into the viability of underwater currents power plants. Way more powerful and efficient than wind farms and such.grafician
    • Honest question: aside from storage, a problem with solar is keeping them clean, so how do you deal with the grime in the new grooves?garbage
    • I'm sure there's a protective cover, but eventually that's just gonna seal in the flavor?garbage
    • Cool, I want my chickens, my stove and my solar paneli_was
    • Re grime in grooves, perhaps the etching pattern still works if it’s facing down (away from the elements)Gnash
    • I see a business opportunity here as a pattern maker lolgrafician
    • if it turns out that the swastika is the most efficient pattern, do you still use it?Gnash
    • @gnash There is a big overlap between climate change deniers and neo-nazis. Might be a good way to trick them into saving the planet.garbage
    • lolmonospaced
    • The 'etching' is less than micrometre thick - you don't need to worry about grot accumulation here. Even at 0.25mm you'd not much need to.Nairn
    • eh, Gnash - when it tiles it's a Sayagata, not a mere symbol of Aryan domination-fantasy. It's an interesting form. Hugely inefficent when it comes to cutting.Nairn
    • ..kind of like fractals. Never laser-cut a fractal. it takes ages.Nairn

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