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    There are STILL the equivalent of two 9/11s per week in the US.

    How many weeks has it been? Also new cases are trending up again. It’s getting worse.

    Thanks Trump

    • Where did you see this? 2,977 died in 9/11, Covid deaths for last week were 4,392 it's reduced every week since August...kingsteven
    • meanwhile two 9/11's per week die from obesity in the US every week. half a 9/11 from cancer. 100 million 9/11's of stars in the universe. Thanks Trump!kingsteven
    • Measuring things in 9/11's is a bizarre one.PhanLo
    • You may as well use the destruction of the first Death Star as a metric for measuring events. Then maybe the second for lesser disasters?face_melter
    • Or the number of Taylor Swift Spotify track plays. Like, current US deaths is 0.004 Taylor Swiftsface_melter
    • Obesity? T swift? Huh?nb
    • there hasn't been 5954 deaths in a week in 3 weeks, it's insane to refer to that as two 9/11's, deaths have been decreasing (by ~800 per week) for 10 weeks...kingsteven
    • How many people commit suicide every week compared to covid or 9/11? More people die from suicide than any war conflict or terrorism.Ianbolton
    • so your post is not only incorrect, your attempt to sensationalise and politicise a virus just makes you fucking clown shoeskingsteven
    • 54k die in the US every week, the vast majority are 65+ and have an underlying condition... sound familiar? there is no co-morbidity for jet liners crashing inkingsteven
    • to buildings. if you believe 9/11 was a tragedy (what you are implying by using fatalities as a stat) you should find the very idea of a comparison offensivekingsteven
    • The sensationalist headline is likely meant to pull in the “true american patriots”. The vitriol spewed over incorrect numbers is saddening.imbecile
    • this post was +3 when i first replied. i find nb's posts maddening and i think he does it without thinking, straight from the US liberal populist playbook...kingsteven
    • topping it all off with "Thanks Trump" parodying the familiarity of "Thanks Obama" in a style that evokes irony without a hint of actual irony...kingsteven
    • There are about 45k suicides in the US each year. So I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.nb
    • More <65's died from suicide in the US last year than have from Covid - this year its going to be much worse (they don't report suicide stats for > 6 months)kingsteven
    • From what I can see the number of deaths hasn't really gone down that much. It's been in the range of 900-1100 per day since the summer.yuekit
    • And on Friday...70k new cases in one day. So while nb may have messed up the number of 9/11s I'm not sure his overall point is entirely wrong.yuekit
    • ^ i mean, it's all there - in addition there were also a couple of states that adjusted for previous deaths this week which knocked the count up slightly.kingsteven
    • OK I'm confused said 4,392, that site says 810. And if you look the Worldometers site you get a different number, much higher.yuekit
    • these are figures when the death occurred, not reported. so they are provisional numbers for the last week but you are right i was taking the number for allkingsteven
    • covid+influenza, so the number for last week around half what i mentioned (and yet significantly still reduce by ~800 p/w)kingsteven
    • still, i'm not sure if it'll quite reach 700 by the election (or < 100 p/d as i mentioned to you before)kingsteven
    • If you go by CDC numbers around 3k people died in the past two weeks, but according to Worldometers it's over 10k.yuekit
    • Unless I calculated that wrong which is possible haha...but it also seems possible there is a significant lag in official reporting of deaths with CDC.yuekit
    • total deaths on there is 204,613 so i'd say that may be the case. it was just because nb used 'week' as a stat i assumed he must be referring to the official...kingsteven
    • either way, there has been a reduction in deaths week to week but as i've mentioned before states are so autonomous it's better to look at them individuallykingsteven
    • I love how ppl think of trump like a god. He is all that can giveth or taketh away. Maybe you shouldn't think that way and be a lil more objectivedeathboy
    • @db - labelling a deadly virus on a Democratic hoax is moving in a mysterious way thoughfadein11

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