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  • utopian0

    Terminator Dark Fate is FREE to watch on Amazon Prime

    I was surprised, this wasn't great. but better than expected.

    • Best Terminator since T2. Which isn't saying a lot, because they've all been pretty awful...jagara
    • Watched it, forgot it, all i remember is not hating it :)jagara
    • Do they explain why the Terminator has aged?nb
    • Ze livingg tishu ages, ze metal endo skeleton doz notjagara
    • i thought you canceled your amazon prime account. What are you doing endorsing to this evil corporation?hotroddy
    • My subscription does not end until May 2021. My then, hopefully the Tyrant Trump will be out of office and China will rule the world.utopian
    • I enjoyed it .. good fun entertainment
    • My god, this is what the world has come to?i_was
    • no i_was, that is not a documentary. it is a movie, a work of fiction.imbecile
    • Huh tyrant trump out and china rule. Not sure if it's all in opposite jestdeathboy
    • VFX were disapointing on this one but other than that it was coolmoldero

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