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    I've just been butt-dialled by a number I don't recognise so have left it on speaker and am listening to a bunch of drunk people.

    • Their chat's shite, but I'm curious to see how much I can cost him.Nairn
    • 12 minutes now. Quality's terrible, sadly. They've discussed none wine-based alcohols and Star Trek.Nairn
    • are they local? what's the accent?Fax_Benson
    • Ooh, it's getting bitchy now - Indian-sounding girl is laying into English-sounding guy about "an inability to self-analyse".Nairn
    • Would be funny if it was somehow someone on QBN, who's sat in the corner quietly, reading this going "What in the Lord's fuck?"Nairn
    • Ooh, something 'is better on Ketamine'.Nairn
    • @fax- it'll be an LDN-based number, likely a client. Ooh, I think I'm getting cut off. Or.. no, haha, this is so weird. I think they've gone for a walk.Nairn
    • My man's singing to himself, flolNairn
    • What if he got murdered whilst I'm listening to him?

      20 minutes now.
    • 32 mins.Nairn
    • Noooo. 38 mins. Off.Nairn
    • record it and post it all on hereKrassy
    • Too late. I had been thinking about installing some call-recording software as it happens. Regret.Nairn
    • call them back, see what happened.Fax_Benson
    • ask them what's better on ketamine? they'll think they're on ketamine.Fax_Benson
    • Next time someone booty-calls you, record it!futurefood

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