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    I've been drawing and selling surface patterns for fabric. I have the fabric printed by Spoonflower and sew handkerchiefs and neck gaiter/buffs. I sell at local antique and knick knack shops. I've sent samples here and there but I've only gotten one biz that consistently buys wholesale from me. It's not much coin but it keeps me busy and there's been quite a substantial bump due to the covid.

    Yes, I sew. I guess I'm a seamster.

    • And no, I didn't make $95K last year with thismisterhow
    • The money is just gravy. If you have a passion for your work (or at least like-like it) then you have achieved true success imo.SteveJobs
    • Sewing machine is a power tool. I use one frequently. Auto upholstery, masks for friends and family and most recently a storage bag for my awning attached to.lemmy_k
    • .... my pop up trailer.lemmy_k
    • Agreed SJ. I like to make stuff and get it out there. It's fun to see my work out in the wildmisterhow
    • Sewing is funscarabin
    • i used to call myself a seamster. i'm a straight up tailor. be proud. it's an awesome skill.imbecile
    • Have you spoken to Reb Tevye yet?cherub
    • Topol onlymisterhow
    • I'd like to see.

      also, I sew.
    • I have a leather sewing machine, and a pro serger. Remnants of a past adhd hobbyGnash
    • I use a regular sewing machine for simple stitches, a serger for overlock edges and a coverstitch machine for the gaiter/buffs. @shellie, my website is lame...misterhow
    • And in need of an update. There‚Äôs a bunch of photos on my Instagram though: @misterhowmisterhow
    • liking your work is fox and the grapes level lying to yourselfimbecile

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