Data breach?

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  • grafician2

    and also dude, stop fucking re-using passwords lol

    QBN is just a php script pulling text from a mysql database, did you think they had a "security department" caring for security?

    change your password, don't re-use passwords for different services!

    There's no data breach, you're just being careless with your security

    • What so I should change all my passwords? I thought password1234 was strong enoughautoflavour
    • I always use just "password" it fools them every time.utopian
    • With capital P for extra securitymoldero
    • this is a valid supposition... except I only call myself imbecile here and google creates / stores my passwords. sted & i discussed this issue months ago.imbecile
    • That's it....I'm changing my password to imbecile1234utopian
    • Auto, change it to Password_1234, you'll be fine.Continuity
    • you guys are idiots. you should set your password to three times your username. Easy. Unless your username is flung*ho%$ksjahfd25Nairn
    • this is the only place I've used this password on the internet and it shall stay that wayshellie
    • Php?QBN

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