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    I'm involved with a startup with a couple of other guys. Has been chugging on for a long time doing research and getting buy in from key industry stakeholders. Business plan done. Pitch deck done. Legals and documantation done. Now putting together an Advisory Board. Managed to get a couple of very well qualified to join. Then threw out a couple of absolute hail mary invitations as we need some to an absolute sporting legend and one to a very high profile corporate heavyweight.

    Well fuck me...they've both decided to come on board! Very unexpected and caught us a bit off guard!

    • Congrats!Gnash
    • Now don’t fuck it up! ;)Gnash
    • party time!Krassy
    • To be honest, we probably threw out the hail marys a tad early...but fuck it. Hopefully will give us a kick start.BusterBoy
    • Pedal to the floor!Gnash
    • Did you get my acceptance? I'm in.stoplying

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