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    Just returned from a socially-distanced dentist appointment where they give your teeth a cleaning with only the METAL DEATH PICK for a solid 20 minutes. The woman was not very precise in her targeting and managed to stab my gums enough to cause me to squirm in the chair. "Are you alright?" "Uh yeah"
    Then dropped the car off at mechanic about a noise. "Oh that'll be $1300 sir, it's your bushing bearings and pads and rotors." "Uh yeah okay"

    • Might as well head to your proctologist nextSteveJobs
    • Fuck dentistsscarabin
    • keef are oberakegi_monk
    • fuck auto mechanicsmonospaced
    • Date a dentist nurse, sell your car and buy a bicycle, problems solvedOBBTKN
    • Dentist client pays me 5k a month, I love the dentist!canoe
    • Uh bushings bearings pad and rotors all at the same time.... Either your car is not maintained or getting full replacement for labor gimmickdeathboy
    • However it would be cheap if on all axles and wheels....something not quite rightdeathboy
    • Should do the brake job yourself. Have it bled. Boots and bearings easy. Get a local press bushings easier with a lift I pay for thatdeathboy
    • All u need is a jack and some wrenches.pull rotors and pay 20 to be turned or buy new. The bleed pay for. Boots is just wrenches boots and grease. Bearingsdeathboy
    • A couple cheap tools at harbor freight. Pull it pack it and a few bucks at a mechanic with a pressdeathboy
    • Easy work why pee pay people cheap money for itdeathboy

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