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    Finally got round to Mr Robot. It’s phenomenal. The direction, writing, art direction blew my mind. I don’t think I’ve watched something that upon wrapping up felt that resolved. Wasn’t what I was expecting at all either.

    Also binged devs this weekend. Worth a watch.

    • Devs was good.
      Was Mr Robot a completed series? I'm tired of starting shows that end before the story is told.
    • Yeah Mr Robot has one of the most resolved finales of anything I’ve seen. They knew the destination from the outsetthumb_screws
    • ^thanks, I'll check it out.lemmy_k
    • ^final season on Mr. Robot is incredible. Makes up for a sort of wan S2 and 3.MrAbominable
    • I thought all 4 seasons were perfect. I can't remember a single episode I didn't love.CyBrainX

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