America is Fucked

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    • We threw rocks through the windows of a children's hospital, and they say we don't care.BustySaintClaire
    • ^yes arrest those that throw rocks. shooting people in the head who hasn't done anything wrong is just instigating for more people to riot.pango
    • who cages children and seperates them from their parents...which nazi pig is givin these orders?neverscared
    • Oh sure. That’s how it went... so full of shitGnash
    • Conservative assholes care more about a couple of protestors than hundreds of thousands of unnecessary death all because they are brainwashed idiots.monospaced
    • Seriously. They threw rocks??? Coronavirus is killing conservative science denying fucktards left and right and they care about some rocks?monospaced
    • There are 48 million blacks in US, and millions (rather than bitchin') chose to get schooled, get decent, and have done very well for their families. Traitors?BustySaintClaire
    • Breonna Taylor was asleep in her home. Her killers walk free.imbecile

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