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    Hell yeah - it's nothing earth-shattering, but I've spent the afternoon figuring out how to get After Effects exported as json with the Lottie plugin, and then imported into WebFlow, and it's a piece of cake to trigger things based on scrolling and other actions.

    This combo is exactly why I've lost interest in devoted prototyping tools for better web/code applications like WebFlow that allow all this stuff to work together. Why bother with some of that when it's possible to use WebFlow and actually output usable front end code?

    I'm beyond excited that I got this to work.

    • how bulky is the script output? And yeah... would be nice to stay inside one app that can bring everything together as you're describingPonyBoy
    • Webflow is a cheat code yeahgrafician
    • Wait, what? Definitely need more info on this! Hit me up! You know the email :)lvl_13
    • sounds like an advertisement lol. Lottie generates svg animations and yeah its shitting out a lot of code.…
    • Oh no.... I probably forgot how to use AE by now.nb
    • I've been tempted to try Webflow but heard mixed reports. Is it worth it? I'm sure it depends on the project thoughfadein11
    • <^ yes, what type of project are you working on?Maaku
    • Haven’t done any web dev for years (15+) but I’ve built a few sites now in webflow ....after you get used to interface it’s GTGStatic_Line
    • @maaku, I generally build custom wordpress themes, so used to my workflow now not sure it's worth jumping unless a real advantage. I do tend to hand code thoughfadein11
    • not use GUI's. If this is a real timesaver and I have full access to the code I may consider it for smaller projects.fadein11
    • @fade the real advantage of these solutions: building dependency while getting dumber! lolsted
    • lvl_13 - I'll shoot you a message.mg33
    • Maaku - nothing in particular at the moment, but we're getting deeper into more immersive web content, andmg33
    • trying to focus more on useful motion and visual storytelling. AE + WebFlow gives me the ability to prototype that kind of thing better thanmg33
    • dedicated prototype tools really can, since they lack scrolling triggers. Ex: Adobe XD, Figma, InVision Studio. They are limited.mg33

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