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  • yuekit4

    United States officially pulls out of the World Health Organization…

    • in the middle of an epidemic, lol, what a retard.moldero
    • That'll be good fodder for the "Trump is weak on China" superPac ads.zarkonite
    • and it feeds the QAnonners, they all think WHO is part of the DeepState thingBennn
    • The WHO has been a heaping pile of horseshit through this pandemic. Somebody should question THEIR response to covid.MondoMorphic
    • They really weren't that bad, it's been greatly over exaggerated. Especially when compared with the US response.yuekit
    • But the more important point is that the WHO is the only thing propping up the healthcare of many developing countries.yuekit
    • Simply pulling their funding and US involvement in the middle of a pandemic is insane. It will make it that much more difficult for the world to get past this.yuekit
    • The base voters of Trump all thinks WHO is part of the DeepState. Trump made a gift to its base. #trump2020Bennn
    • Great timing...maquito
    • If anyone thinks this will help the US public they are sorely mistakenmonospaced
    • But what about Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi...But what about her Emails, Emails and Emails...Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!utopian
    • Every time this story is on the news I say ‘whooo?’ Then my daughter says ‘what? Oh. You’re not funny’.misterhow
    • I gave up on The Who when Keith diedGardener
    • Menendez is a swine, but in this case he's absolutely right.stoplying
    • lol gardenerMrT
    • The who and the UN is fucktards. Thes eglobal watchdogs are so fucking filthy and retarded with special interests.deathboy
    • talk about trimming real priviledged and powerful people. Although I dont like trump having power to do so. but this is the same executive powers obama useddeathboy
    • and people supported and even called for obama to use even more against congress. id be mroe upset with this not goign through congress. even covid 19 is showindeathboy
    • the blantant disregard for people rights through executive powers state wide with governors. its fuckin awfuldeathboy

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