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  • Akagiyama2

    • shoppeddasohr
    • US marines logo is the same just facing the other waymoldero
    • still to close for comfort given the red triangle symbol and all his racist statementsNutter
    • I can't find examples of it online, but I remember on various Marine bases another, older USMC symbol which was more reminiscent of this Nazi imagery.MondoMorphic
    • The USA is always winning!utopian
    • It’s kind of a classic mark. Both nations used a form of it for their marketing.monospaced
    • goes way back to roman standardsGnash
    • A point is being missed here. It's not Nazi symbolism, but um.. HE SELLS THIS SHIT ON HIS OWN WEBSITE. It's monetized jingoism, and you know, illegal.garbage
    • If you hate yourself, browse his shop. If you hate a client, sign them up for his incredibly beggy mailing list.garbage
    • ^^ hahaha genius!MondoMorphic
    • They used a vector stock from some stock website to "design" thatgrafician
    • everybody and their donkey use eagles so relax - let me know when they start using bulls or snakesurbanturban
    • but the swastika meaning was stolen as well right. dare i question wether deer horns come back into design trends and mean something as a symboldeathboy
    • @deathbobo I can want you to just know my eyes looked who you said because words amalgamate peoples but nobody takes you seriously shut up (10 seconds)garbage

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