America is Fucked

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    • but donĀ“t forget ladies & gentlemen, covid 19 is a flippin hoax by the dems.neverscared
    • I don't know about all that, but I do predict we're at war with someone within the first year of a Biden presidency.MondoMorphic
    • i predict one year in a trumps second term and nuclear holocaust will happen for sure..neverscared
    • Scott Adams is a fucking moron. Anybody remember the time he got caught making sockpuppet accounts to praise his genius?garbage
    • Also struggles with basic science and is a shit illustrator / writer. Boomer's image of da Vinci, I guess.garbage
    • Fucking snowflake. The poor, widdle, Wepubwicans are being persecuted!face_melter
    • he talks some crazy but think thats the mortgage check talking. for the most part hes seem to be sane dudedeathboy
    • more so than some people who get taken out late monday night to never be seen againdeathboy

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