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  • inteliboy5

    Got to the end of last of us 2.... Damn. Masterpiece. Definitely all time. Bummed it's over... maybe a second play through but it's so brutal.

    • Incidental spoiler? ;)
      Saw an increidsbly fat guy with a way-too small LoUII T-Shirt on in the supermarket y'day.
    • new game + you start with all the gear you had, it makes it betterernexbcn
    • lol Nairn. yea after watching this… think will play it aggressive... was a coward first go.inteliboy
    • this person plays like a fucken psycho…inteliboy
    • Looks incredibly revenge-driven and depressing, which I love. I've heard lots of people that beat it say that they're really sad it's over, it's that good.elahon
    • OMG, :50-1:02 in the above video!elahon
    • Loved this game!dopepope
    • Low user score, players are divided
    • LALALA I did not see this post LALALA, fuck I need a ps4moldero
    • Is this the CHOP zone?Turboslacker
    • I'm like 7hrs in now, it's so effing good.ben_
    • Just encountered the Seraphites ... spending alot of time just taking in the scenery ...Bluejam
    • why is this game so polarizing? great critical reviews but audiences either love it or hate it? just as many 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews by gamers._niko
    • I think a lot of the neg score are review bombing from peoples perceived "social justice warrior" politics being forced into the game...dee-dubs
    • many of the neg reviews were posted on the day of release, so they had obviously already made their minds up about it without playing it!dee-dubs
    • _niko it's mostly incels or homophobes complaining about leaks of the game previous to the release, they didn't even play the thingernexbcn
    • and most of those leaks are wrong too, which makes it even more sad than it already isernexbcn
    • I’m somewhere in the middle. So bloody brilliant. Nice pics too intelliboyMrT
    • I'm so glad to read some people are actually loving this game. I finished today. It was gorgeous, brutal, and amazing.polybius
    • So many people are giving shit to individual actors. So much hard work went into this. I'm not saying you must love it but damn, appreciate the effort.polybius

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