America is Fucked

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  • PhanLo2


    freedom legends.

    • as if 2020 could get any more absurd.fadein11
    • worst james bond movieSalarrue
    • Pink shirt sells it.PhanLo
    • it's the new ...
    • lol bluefadein11
    • imagine their dinner parties.Gnash
    • OK these idiots have no idea how to hold a gun. She should never draw amd point unless she intends to use it.rattail
    • He should have his barrel down. At one point it looks like the barrel is pointed at his own wife.rattail
    • I'm disappointed no one pulled a Snowpiercer: They've Got No Bullets on them.
    • Although they seem to be within their rights to protect their property. The protest crashed the gates of a private community and private drive.rattail
    • That is not how you use although.deadsperm
    • Horrible trigger disciplinecannonball1978
    • terrible gun etiquetteHayoth
    • They've got no bullets.deadsperm
    • WWIII will be fought shoeless in Gap casual wear.fadein11
    • the pink polo shirt is very intimidatingfooler
    • looks like they were in their rights here, but anyone living in a house like that I say fuck 'emmoldero
    • & anyone who dresses like that dudemoldero
    • grins at camera, point gun in another direction #MAGANRAutopian
    • I think it's an original Worlds Fair house.Doris_McSquirter
    • Scarface II?Beeswax
    • it was a gift from the founder of Anheuser-Busch to his daughter in 1909.
    • Fucking clowns. The slobber and mustard stains on her shirt are a nice touch.face_melter
    • Aiming a weapon at someone is considered "Assault with a Deadly Weapon". If these two aren't prosecuted for that, we'll surely see protests, etc.formed
    • what's the problem with the house molderoernexbcn
    • #MAGA vs #BLMpablo28
    • "these idiots have no idea how to hold a gun" - lol, it's their right. Where in the constitution does it say they need to be trained?ben_
    • Pink polos, boxy khaki's and pear-shaped capri pants are scarier than any cosplay camo.ben_
    • Until MAGA I used to love dressing like that dude :,(SlashPeckham
    • BLM is the privilege to take what you didn't earn yourself. They think it's 'progressive' when it's actually a mentality of regression. VENEZUELA 101.hotroddy
    • lol just noticed the mustard stainpango
    • They're both lawyers and legends.PhanLo
    • Real world skills reward the art of taking vs the art of producinghotroddy
    • Real world top level Karen boss.PhanLo
    • https://s1.ibtimes.c…tank02
    • Karen's hairdo needs more "Karen would like to see the manager"Krassy
    • Wow. USA. What a shit hole. I remember seeing a doc about Afghans and how they all kept rifles in their home. USA ain’t much different.shapesalad
    • I agree, it's unfortunate you have to resort to a gun to defend your property.hotroddy
    • Woke Up White Peopleutopian
    • Ya very unfortunate to resort to guns when their are not in any kind of danger what so ever.pango
    • Guns should always be the last line of defense. And not something to wave around when you're angry.pango
    • do you know for certain they aren't in any kind of danger? What rock have you been hiding under?hotroddy
    • easy to say when you're living in Canada.hotroddy
    • Unless there is evident or video to proof their lifes were in danger. They seem to be just "get off my lawn!"pango
    • if they loot small business people what makes you certain they wouldn't loot a mansion?hotroddy
    • You can't even count on the police to stop a mob mentality. Rambo here was doing a favor and sending them a message before things escalated.hotroddy
    • what make you certain they will loot a mension? point your gun at people when your life's not in danger, is technically a crime.pango
    • I'm not certain but there's a chance. a mansion would have more bragging rights than a business or statue.hotroddy
    • would they have looted the mansion? don't know. Is pointing a gun at people when not in danger a crime?. certainly.pango
    • and that lady has her finger on the trigger. that's just reckless. Guns are not toys!pango
    • probably a little reckless, but they broke into a gated community. its private property. who knows why security guards didn't show up though.hotroddy
    • Now we agree on something.pango
    • lol @ James Bond. She kinda does look like a portly Daniel CraigGucci
    • but the people trespassed and are now being investigated for assault by intimidation. just goes to show 2 ppl with guns who not very good with themdeathboy
    • maintain peace where law fails.deathboy
    • is this though more important than the recent bk's this weekend?deathboy
    • zombies with guns.neverscared
    • of course QBN's resident pinheads pitch up with their usual '...ackshually...' garbage.face_melter
    • Hey I resemble that remark!garbage
    • But really, speaking as a gun-owner who despises bad gun-owners, fuck these people. He's fucking barrelling his own wife in the thumbnail, lol.garbage

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