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    The ruling planet Mercury is present in Sagittarius which imparts a dual character and this is creating an auspicious time for you. Although a little confused at the beginning, you will be able to make concrete decisions. The presence of the Moon in the 9th house is going to give you all the luck you need to get things done. You will maintain good health and find success in all your ventures. However, the presence of Mars in your 6th house might give you a little stress every now and then but nothing more than that. The 7th house occupied by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Ketu is going to give you a good share of ups and downs in your relationship. You will have moments of romantic bliss and moments of unwanted misunderstandings but the most dangerous and harmful of all this will be the ego clashes between you and your partner.

    Apart from this, Rahu will also impact your patience and calmness. The transit of Rahu into Taurus will create circumstances for you to travel abroad.

    • Needed a good laugh.monospaced
    • if you take out all the bullshit, you're left with 'concrete decisions' - which I'm assuming is in the Grand Designs, polished / quartz epoxy sense.Fax_Benson
    • totally hypothetical, unless I find find success in some of my venturesFax_Benson

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