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  • pango5

    • +1fadein11
    • image is so old, those kids have graduated uni by nowimbecile
    • old but very relevant.fadein11
    • things aren't always what it seempango
    • ++++sted
    • Yes and the app is very good from what I've heardi_was
    • It also happens to be the end of the “tour”. That’s a big ass museum and shits exhausting. Taking a break isn’t bad.toemaas
    • not to mention that it starts with a 45-90min mandatory waiting :)sted
    • Yeah bullshit those kids are on tick tock youtube and Instagram, some are watching together some are vowing portrait mode others landscape_niko
    • Typically with these apps they are holding it to the painting and observing what they’re being taught, this is clearly kids chilling at the end of a long tour_niko
    • The original image is from several years ago, tiktok didn't even exist. They could be using wikipedia. You just confirm the point made.sr_rosa
    • Why should it matter what they are looking at? Adults shouldn't be forcing their notions of beauty of children.deadsperm
    • The error is not an erroneous judgement but the judgment of children itself.deadsperm
    • yeah the point is who gives a shit what they're doing_niko
    • so it's a completely unnecessary and empty image that everyone fills with content the way they want. just make sure you avoid that painting in the background :)sted
    • Fucking centred text.i_monk
    • I know about the image and the rumpus it caused but, not gonna lie, I was expecting the verse from Fresh Prince at the end.face_melter

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