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    • What do these people always have phones that are about to die?Gnash
    • Such an environmentally friendly country.
      Thanks China, again!
    • https://www.nature.c…sted
    • start asking the question what products/tools i have what require these materials in the production process? :)sted
    • right after that start asking the second more difficult question: how can we make this product without using these substances?sted
    • A.: The product with the same q can't be done.
      B.: Product is realizable with semi environmentally friendly but still hazardous replacement materials.
    • We choose B. because we are already so deep into the product development that it can't be canceled.sted
    • Now we have to solve the next problem:
      Where are we going to manufacture this thing?
    • And that's where u are back in China.sted
    • There have been alternatives to CFC use for decades. It’s not like rare earth metals. It’s just fucking cheaper to use and no one is keep watchGnash
    • The rest of the world figured out how to make shit without the stuffGnash
    • No it doesn't, there are lot of critical parts/tools what require the usage of hazardous materials. for example the packaging of our product requiressted
    • *one of our partners products
      specialized plastic material, and manufacturing that requires the usage of CFC in a controlled environment.
    • This part is made in china and has a proper manufacturing book what aligns with the current environmental laws of the EU and Australia.sted
    • But nada a single member of our company or our partners went to china and examined the mass manufacturing process.sted
    • https://www.qbn.com/…utopian
    • Fuck these cunts, fuck China.NBQ00
    • NBQ00 broke the loop.sted
    • So it’s up to us, not China, to go over and make sure they’re making it the way they’re supposed to in the first place?Gnash
    • But I hear what you’re getting at. Perhaps, then it’s finally time to stop supporting a fucked regime, and pay the cost to do it properlyGnash

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