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    • Ad of the Dayimbecile
    • these days suck shit, everything is cancel this, point finger at that, left sucks, right sucks, everyone is acting like a little bitch.moldero
    • fuck that guy, because we're better! buy our stuff!imbecile
    • is he wearing a MAGA hat?utopian
    • Yes. Yes he is.monospaced
    • some people should try plastic wrap as masks for a while. really make america great again.capn_ron
    • nobody had a mask to spare?
      nada single passenger was thinking that hey that's funny but for reasons and stuff, let's get him a proper mask?
    • That wasn’t the issue sted. He’s wearing it because he’s willingly refusing to wear a decent one. It’s a statement about his disregard for othersmonospaced
    • i was trying to make a point about what would be a nice way to start solving this problem. not doing anything but posting rants about what should be donested
    • is just lame.
      I would ask everybody on the plane to give me their spare masks so i can bury the guy with those.
    • i would change my seat close as possible and keep mocking him about everything until he blows up.sted
    • Once again. There was no problem. He is wearing the mask he has chosen. Offering something else isn’t solving a problem for him, it’s making it worsemonospaced
    • lol i don't care if he is wearing a closet on his head, he can fucking leave the plane if he can't align with the rules what everybody else does for their own asted
    • nd the safety of others. he represents a danger on this plane for everybody,sted
    • but let me guess: you guys fucked it up so bad that t people can get onto the planes because its' only required to cover your face, nothing is saying with what.sted

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