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  • Nairn1

    OK, so as a UK bloke - where's good to buy basic shit clothes from online?

    I need a pair of shorts. Longish cargö-style ones, because more pockets = more man.

    Everything I've seen so far has been a bit meh, but then I don't know what I'm doing. I've always just wandered around shops in LDN to buy clothes.

    Thanks ..?

    • Signs you're getting old.
      Signs you're helpless and irrelevant
    • ha! - although i don't do amazon and am far too pretentious a cunt to by from Next.. *however* both have options I can try and find elsewhere. thanks!Nairn
    • I pass by a Next each day on my walk to work and over the last year have gradually eroded my pretentious stance to it. Almost went in, pre-quarantine days, lolNairn
    • Funny what having a kid, hitting mid-40s does to a man.Nairn
    • I'll be using my house Crocs in public soon.Nairn
    • all I did was google uk cargo shorts to be a prick. i kind of want some though, so i can carry a bunch of stuff with me... in caseimbecile
    • nice to hear you have crocs though, I've been contemplating a pairimbecile
    • Crocs are great for around the home and basic garden. If you have sharp shit on the floor - screws and stuff - not so good.Nairn
    • My ever-so-fash Italian partner absolutely loathes my having them.. yet borrows them constantly for the garden :)Nairn
    • i actually wish there's a predictable clothing shop. cuts and measurements are always the same. same line, same colour.pango
    • I find for t-shirts and shorts Gap are pretty okay, delivery is normally in about two days and free delivery/returns over about £25.webazoot
    • Don't pay full price though, they have a 50% off sale about once a week.webazoot
    • GAP was the first I tried - we got some great winter gear for our bairn there, so hoped I could use whatever % off they'd hoyed at our account :(Nairn
    • I just drunken ordered a shitty pair from eBay. I suspect they'll be awful.Nairn
    • ^ amazing service, easy to return, good range of mostly nordic brands, sales+offers often.shapesalad
    • ^ just order a selection, if it doesn't work out, it's a breeze to return to Boozt. UK based distribution.shapesalad
    • I have house crocs too, they look like Vans, but are more like slippers. Yuss! Dad gear.PhanLo
    • Fix up look sharp... thread.commonoboy
    • @monoboy:
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    • You're obviously not cool enough.monoboy
    • https://www.uniqlo.c…fadein11
    • Ditto Uniqlode4k
    • ya i like uniqlo. their stuffs doesn't have logo on it.pango
    • I’d add my vote to the Uniqlo shout and I also like & use Thread. Also (although it can be pretty pricey) www.workingclasshero…... is pretty good.Wolfboy
    • UniqloBluejam
    • You lost me at 'cargo'.hellrod
    • Buy a pair of military cargo pants and cut them to your needi_was
    • Uniqlo is shit, it's made for small people.i_was
    • uniqlo in Japan, is where dorks and old people shop... in the west they try to be cool, but in japan... nope.. it's a no...shapesalad
    • mehhh. since when do you guy care about what other people thinks its "cool". You like it you buy it.pango
    • if i want something "cool" i wouldn't buy cargo shorts. doesn't matter which brand.pango
    • Anything cargo sucksi_was
    • loli_was
    • lol, he didn't ask for cool, he asked for basic. I buy basics from there and I'm not small and they are always decent quality.fadein11
    • he may struggle with cargo shorts unless he has a time machine.fadein11
    • I don't know if 'carg0' is the right word, just shorts with pockets. Those of you mocking my need for pockets are likely fans of lip balm and flavoured waters.Nairn
    • ..and frequent although unsuccessful attempts at auto-fellatio.Nairn
    • flavoured waters, LOLi_was
    • auto-fellatio. lolfadein11
    • @nairn, you meant Dad shorts I think.fadein11
    • why stop at shorts?…
    • Oh! Would that they were real.Nairn
    • lol pangofadein11

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