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    I live in a strange location. It's in a big city, less than a quarter mile from one of the busiest streets. I am less than 2 minutes from a freeway on ramp, traffic everywhere... just over there though. I have about an acre yard to tend to that takes a couple hours and yesterday while mowing, my neighbors from across the street, their goat came over. Just wandered across the street. I led it to my backyard where it ate grass until my neighbors came home. I walked with him as he went to return the goat to his pen and to what to my wondering eyes do appear but a horse, a cow, another goat, chickens. This couple has a mini farm in his larger than my backyard. I've lived here for two years. Stunned. I thought it was just the goat. Baaaaaa

    • goat eyes trip me the fuck outmoldero
    • don't make eye contact unless you want the horns :Dimbecile
    • Goats rock as lawnmowersGnash

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