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  • sted6

    90% of these is garbage, protects from nothing.

    • "Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19."

    • they protect others of you sneezing or coughing on them. they're no meant to protect the air you breath in.fooler
    • but that isn't going to sale as nice as when we say that "this KN95 FFP23456 level type mask protects you from the virus"sted
    • sted is correct - most of the ones you see out there do NOT prevent virus particles from going throughKrassy
    • They protect me from not being allowed in the grocery store.nb
    • I liked it better the way I put it... if the filter isn’t small enough, you might as well wrap toilet paper around your head.imbecile
    • They help though. That’s the point.monospaced
    • they help like a cotton t shirt helps keep you dry in the rain, when you should really be wearing a raincoat.imbecile
    • the beginning of this video illustrates the need for proper filter masksimbecile
    • https://www.youtube.…imbecile
    • yeah, you're right...just use the rhythm methodBaskerviIle
    • That analogy isn’t a good one. A T-shirt to protect against some particulate vs the same thing against a downpour? Please.monospaced
    • Of course something is better than nothing. Even a couple of layers is shown to be a great help.monospaced
    • It's true. It's like if I'm not bringing a raincoat I also don't bother with a t shirt. Weird looks on the subway, but people are idiots.nb
    • "Why are you looking at me, when you're not even wearing raincoats!?", is what I shout at them. Idiots!!nb

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