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  • Ianbolton4

    Start this last night. Anyone else getting into it?

    • Yep. Good stuff. I hope we find out what his endgame was.lemmy_k
    • Only 2 episodes in...Ianbolton
    • LOVE this showdopepope
    • The static tv quantum Jesus lookback thingy was a bit shit. Didn’t get past that.mort_
    • 1 Ep to go. Hope they can put together a solid ending. But really good so far.Ramanisky2
    • my main gripe is that the female leads acting chops are a bit weak when compared to the rest of the cast.Ramanisky2
    • Literally binge watched all episodes yesterday, waiting season finale next week, good stuffdrgs
    • It's premise though although like Ram said some of the acting sucks. The lead gal is meh... but Alison Pill is great (love her in whatever she's in)PonyBoy
    • Yeah Offerman and Pill are outstandingRamanisky2
    • yepPonyBoy
    • loving thiscolin_s
    • was on the fence for a while. But the sound design and score were more than enough to keep me in the game. Good rec.MrAbominable
    • Started realy stong but seemed like it could have easily lost an hour of montages, felt like it wanted to be weird like Twin Peaks but wasn't brave enough.webazoot
    • just finished. Last 3 episodes were good. And a salute to his movie Deus ex MachinaBeeswax
    • BV post about the release of the musical score for Devs: http://www.brooklynv…MrAbominable

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