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  • Khurram5

    And if you don't know, now you know...

    • Dhalsim? I knew it!_niko
    • Sagat!ben_
    • so.... which one are you?pango
    • The one videotaping.ben_
    • ++ miss this stuffmoldero
    • Hahah Dhalsim, that's just racist ;P One with the gloves, kickin ass, takin names... Siargao, Philippines 3 weeks ago. Good times.Khurram
    • Cool shit man. I’m sure you’d kick my ass lolHijoDMaite
    • I’d love to try this and kick some ass too. Just not sure about the getting my head pounded part.HijoDMaite
    • I could so kick your ass man. I know this because I am on my keyboard.Hayzilla
    • Try jiu jitsu. It's just as effective in combat situations and doesn't involve concussions.Khurram
    • @Hayzilla, probably. I got a gammy knee.Khurram
    • that's not 6ft social distancingKrassy
    • this was just foreplay, krassy.Nairn
    • https://i.imgur.com/…drgs
    • hahahaNairn
    • pfff you cant kick any ass till you defeat benn!pango
    • So, drgs - did you ever show up?Nairn
    • I'm still alive chatting here with you, so nodrgs
    • Khurram & drgs, you must stream the fight live on QBNKrassy
    • hahahaNairn
    • @Nairn good point. Looks like next they;re about to hugKrassy
    • but but... free flight....pango
    • Cool, but one sneeze and you know....robotron3k
    • @Khurram well played :) i don't know why people turn into chicken after such a completely friendly offer :Dsted
    • first rule of QBN fight club: you talk about the QBN fight clubrenderedred
    • Lol ^HijoDMaite
    • Hands up!!BK
    • this is greatutopian
    • Cool, i live martial arts training too. Never saw you before, you're one of the lurkers? LolBennn
    • Why am I remembering "the Brown Wind"
      from this place years ago? Looking sharp Khurram.
    • That was a long time ago. I'm a much more calm, rational human being now. Peace and love.Khurram
    • Nice! must be the strongest designer in the worldfeel

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