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    In your shoes I would ask for higher salary instead, and here's why:

    The chances are — if it's a US-based company — none of the benefits would apply for a resident of Turkey, in the sense that their providers might actually disqualify you because you're not a US national or living on US soil.

    Also, can foreigners living abroad hold 401ks? I don't know, but I have my doubts.


    • I have a legal work permit. Green CardBeeswax
    • I'll pay taxes to USA for thisBeeswax
    • Hm, OK. The 401k could be useful, then.Continuity
    • How does 401k work? I dont get itBeeswax
    • Are they going to add some funds for me or I will ask some amount to be deducted from the salary?Beeswax
    • No clue, I'm not American ... but I assume it's a shared contribution thingy.Continuity
    • 401k is a retirement savings plan. often you contribute and your employer matches a percentage.capn_ron
    • 401Ks are going down the toilet right now.CyBrainX

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