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  • yuekit4

    Am I getting carried away or is this potentially a major disaster for the entire world?

    A disease with no cure that spreads everywhere and hospitalizes 20% of its victims, kills 2-5%. Major cities going on lockdown, people stop traveling and working.

    Good thing we have...checks note...Donald Trump in charge.

    • Gold price at 7 years high because of this. Trade, tourism, travel, everything is getting effected.Beeswax
    • they've cracked the virus' genetic code, so it shouldn't be too long before there's a curehans_glib
    • @yuekit you're not getting carried away; everything you mention is quiet plausible.Krassy
    • hans: 6-12-24 months. depending how brave&lucky you are.sted
    • I feel I'm at the opposite end, could not have cared less
      Bird flu, swine flu, sars, corona virus, etc
      Something new every 5 years
    • you were right yuekit.. posted 20days after post. half europe is closed down atm.uan

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